CBBC My Life: Too Many Guns

1 x 30 minutes for CBBC My Life series. Christopher, whose 15-year-old brother was killed, is now one of America’s youngest gun control campaigners.

CBBC My Life: The Street Reporter

1 x 30 minutes for CBBC My Life Series. Thirteen-year-old Rustam lives in Delhi in India. He is a reporter for a newspaper run by street kids and about street kids – there is no other paper in India like it!

BBC Our World: My child, ECT and me

1 x 30′ Chris Rogers and producer/camera Marshall Corwin follow the lives of Autistic children in America, prone to violent, self-harming behaviour, who are undergoing Electro Convulsive Therapy.

ITV Tonight Special | Duchess and Daughters: Their Secret Mission

2 x 60 ITV The Duchess of York and her daughters are taken undercover by award winning reporter Chris Rogers to witness the appalling conditions in Romanian and Turkish orphanages the journalist had uncovered on ITV News. A discovery that shocked the world and created a diplomatic storm.

BBC Our World: Thailand’s Asylum Crackdown

Chris Rogers secretly films with Pakistani Christians fleeing extremist violence who are the second largest group of asylum seekers in Thailand. Many – including children – are routinely rounded up and chained in tiny cells.

Educating North Korea

Investigative reporter Chris Rogers and producer/camera Marshall Corwin gain open access to North Korea and into a university where foreign lecturers provide a Western education for the country’s future elite.