Life these days is go, go, GO! We’re connected with our friends and family 24/7, but is all of this busy-ness starting to take a toll on our mental health? This week, the FYI gang investigate that subject, using the very thing that many people is a big part of the problem – social media.


A mini-documentary series hearing from children across the world fighting for their rights. All FYI strands, including FYI Investigates, FYI Kidversation and FYI I Don’t Get It (CGI-tastic explainers),are available under licence to be used as educational online resources for schools and already available through First News Education, OAK, UNICEF, and Boclips.

Investigates Animals on the Brink 2020

Reporting from Africa, FYI have made a special episode to help younger viewers understand a little more about Animals on the Brink of extinction and showing how local children are joining the battle to save some of the world’s most amazing animals before it’s too late.

Investigates Coronavirus Special 2020

FYI have made a special episode to help younger viewers understand a little more about the coronavirus outbreak. One of four documentaries for Sky Kids and Sky News as part of the FYI brand – part funded by the British Film Institute.

Investigates Children caught in the crossfire

FYI Investigates Rio de Janeiro – one the most dangerous places to live, where children in the poorest parts of the city see daily gun battles between the Police and criminal gangs. Braydon meets children caught in the crossfire who are fighting for a better life.

CBBC My Life: Too Many Guns

1 x 30 minutes for CBBC My Life series. Christopher, whose 15-year-old brother was killed, is now one of America’s youngest gun control campaigners.

CBBC My Life: The Street Reporter

1 x 30 minutes for CBBC My Life Series. Thirteen-year-old Rustam lives in Delhi in India. He is a reporter for a newspaper run by street kids and about street kids – there is no other paper in India like it!

BBC Our World: My child, ECT and me

1 x 30′ Chris Rogers and producer/camera Marshall Corwin follow the lives of Autistic children in America, prone to violent, self-harming behaviour, who are undergoing Electro Convulsive Therapy.