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Welcome to a world of info for kids!  We make FYI: For Your Info, an award winning weekly news show presented by young people for young people.

52 weeks a year we produce a programme designed not only to put children in the know but also give them a platform on which they can be heard. With reports from across the globe, explainers, debates, Fake News or Fact alerts and in depth reporting. We also get big name interviews – from the Prime Minster and other world leaders to pop and film stars.

Made for Sky News and Sky Kids – this is a weekly news show looking at the world and investigating the big issues children need info on – a great weekly resource for schools available every Friday/Monday via First News Education.

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Our FYI spin offs

Our spins off programmes are part funded by the Youth Audiences Content Fund from the British Film Institute. They are available on Sky Kids On Demand – and as an educational resource, which are provided with lesson plans for teachers and parents through First News Education.
FYI KIDVERSATION: From FYI, Kidversation is a series of peer-to-peer short form films focusing on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Our FYI presenters meet the children who are fighting for their child rights around the world. From the violent favelas of Brazil to the remote villages of Ghana to the refugees making a bid for a better life.
I Don’t Get It: From FYI, these are a series of short CGI–tastic explainers tackling complex issues and news stories for children.
FYI Investigates: Adult listen up! The FYI gang investigates the big issues around the world effecting young people, this documentary series reports on animal extinction, mental health, conflict, and Coronavirus.
Braydon Meets: From FYI It’s not every day that kids get to grill big names in music, film, TV and politics – FYI presenter Braydon is determined to change that by bagging interviews with some big hitters. In this spin-off of FYI for Sky Kids and SKY One, Braydon asks the questions adults could never get away with!


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