FYI presenter Morgan

FYI is a weekly news show, presented entirely by kids. It aims to answer the big questions about news, current affairs and politics. Every fortnight FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where Theresa May answers questions sent in by viewers. Watch the latest episode on First News – and meet FYI presenter Morgan, below.


Hi, my name’s Morgan, I’m 14 years old, and I’m from south London. I like making music and DJ-ing – I just got my first decks, so I’m excited to practise.

Favourite sport
My favourite sport is probably football, but I prefer to play it rather than watch it, because when I watch it I get the urge to play it more – and I can’t because I’ve got to sit and watch the rest of the game.

Favourite band or singer
I changes very often, but at the moment my favourite artist is probably Kojo Funds. He makes kind of pop/rap music.

Unusual habit
An unusual I habit that I have is probably keeping my trainers really clean.

Embarrassing or funny moment
The funniest thing I’ve done is probably playing a female teacher in a Christmas play, and wearing lipstick and a fake bra.

What annoys me
The most annoying thing is when I’m playing music and the next door neighbour’s dog starts barking – every time.

If I ruled the world…
The thing that I’d probably most like to change about the world is for there to be equality for everyone, so everyone has equal opportunities.

Why FYI?
Working on the show is a great opportunity to find out different facts and about what’s going on in the world, and to inform other people about it. And it’s also a lot of fun on set!

FYI is a co-production with Sky Kids.

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