FYI presenter Ella

FYI is a weekly news show, presented entirely by kids. It aims to answer the big questions about news, current affairs and politics. Every fortnight FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where Theresa May answers questions sent in by viewers. Watch the latest episode on First News – and meet FYI presenter Ella, below.


Hi, I’m Ella, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Nottinghamshire. I really love the environment and animals, so that’s why I run a campaign called Kids Against Plastic with my sister.

Favourite sport
I often go for runs with my dad, and also go across to the park to play football.

Favourite band or singer
I’m not that much into music, so when I do listen to music it’s often influenced by my family. I wouldn’t say I have a big favourite band or type of music.

Unusual habit
My most unusual habit is that I don’t really have any habits whatsoever!

Embarrassing or funny moment
When I was in primary school and we were doing a production, I was meant to hand over a custard pie to someone. But instead I dropped it all the way down their costume and they ran off stage, crying.

What annoys me
What really annoys me is when people at school ask me for pens, because they seem to think I have an endless supply – then when I give them one, they never give it back.

If I ruled the world…
One thing I would really like to change about the world is the big impact plastic is having.

Why FYI?
I’m really into listening to the news and what’s going on in the world, so I would love to share that love and interest with other people.

FYI is a co-production with Sky Kids.

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