FYI presenter Elise

FYI is a weekly news show, presented entirely by kids. It aims to answer the big questions about news, current affairs and politics. Every fortnight FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where Theresa May answers questions sent in by viewers. Watch the latest episode on First News – and meet FYI presenter Elise, below.


Hi, my name’s Elisa, I’m 11 years old and I live in north London. I love pizza – it has to have pepperoni on it, that’s the best. I quite like school, it’s OK. I don’t really like lessons that much, but talking to my friends is always fun.

Favourite sport
I love netball and basketball, that’s my favourite thing to do out of school. I shoot baskets and have a lot of fun with it with my friends.

Favourite band or singer
I love K-pop – Korean pop – and I’m into a band called BTS.

Unusual habit
Well, I wouldn’t say it’s unusual, but I chew my pen a lot! And when someone at schools needs a pen they never ask me because they know it’ll have spit all over it, cos I chew the caps.

Embarrassing or funny moment
When I was in primary school I was skipping in the playground and my trousers fell down. Everyone turned to look at me and they were all laughing at me. I was so embarrassed, it was hilarious!

What annoys me
We have a microwave at home, and when my mum takes her food out she leaves one second left on the microwave. So when I put my food in and press start, it goes for one second then it stops – and that is so annoying, I hate it!

If I ruled the world…
If I could change anything in the world it would be to help endangered animals. I love tigers and pandas and, since I don’t have a pet, it makes me love animals even more. And I feel like they really need help from humans.

Why FYI?
In the morning I have Sky News on – I like listening and watching what’s going on currently. But when I go to school I say, ‘Oh, have you heard about this?’, and they go, ‘no…’ I feel kind of left out. I feel like FYI will help kids learn more about the news and be able to talk more about it with their friends.

FYI is a co-production with Sky Kids.

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