FYI presenter Braydon

FYI is a weekly news show, presented entirely by kids. It aims to answer the big questions about news, current affairs and politics. Every fortnight FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where Theresa May answers questions sent in by viewers. Watch the latest episode on First News – and meet FYI presenter Braydon, below.


Hi, I’m Braydon, I’m nine years of age and I live in Cheshire, and I’m an FYI reporter. So, obviously I like presenting, I love being on TV. I like doing jiu-jitsu, and obviously I love football!

Favourite sport
I’m a big Manchester City fan, I think they’re the best team in all the world. And like you guys are born with red blood and a red heart, well, I think I was born with blue blood and a blue heart! I think when I was created it was made to be in me to be a City fan.

Favourite band or singer
My favourite singer – I was lucky enough to meet him, he’s a really nice man, but I also love his music – is Tom Grennan. He just released his new alum, Lighting Matches, this summer.

Unusual habit
I never sleep tilted to the right, I actually only sleep to the left on in the middle.

Embarrassing or funny moment
The funniest thing I’ve ever seen seen is when my dad was in his underpants, dancing, singing and jumping up and down on the bed – he’s crazy!

What annoys me
Probably when you have to take a maths test. You know when it’s take away but you accidentally add it, and you got the ‘add’ right but you should have taken away? It drives me crazy, I always make that simple mistake!

If I ruled the world…
You’ve got to keep Britain tidy. When you’ve had an apple, put the core in the bin, don’t just chuck it and say ‘it’s for the birds’. You’ve also got to keep the environment tidy, because ducks can get their necks caught in the plastic holders that hold cans together. Help the animals!

Why FYI?
I just love meeting new people every day – it’s given me a boost of confidence. It’s getting to meet different people, different personalities, I really enjoy doing it. I mean, what an experience, what a gift to be on this show – it’s extraordinary!

FYI is a co-production with Sky Kids.

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