FYI presenter Archie

FYI is a weekly news show, presented entirely by kids. It aims to answer the big questions about news, current affairs and politics. Every fortnight FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where Theresa May answers questions sent in by viewers. Watch the latest episode on First News – and meet FYI presenter, Archie, below.


Hi, I’m Archie, I’m 14 and I’m from Gloucestershire. I’m hugely into drawing, and any kind of art, really. I also enjoys cooking, but I’m not very good!

Favourite sport
I’m not the sportiest person. but I love playing hockey at school, and I love wakeboarding.

Favourite band or singer
I listen to all kinds of music, but at the moment I’m listen to the band, Imagine Dragons.

Unusual habit
Apparently I hum all the time, but I never realise I’m doing it.

Embarrassing or funny moment
One time in assembly at school, me and a few other people dressed up in a load of the school lost property. It was an effort by the staff for people to actually claim the stuff that they’d lost. I ended up in three coats, a skirt, and riding a one-wheeled skateboard.

What annoys me
Mostly my brothers, even though I love them, and also homework – just… homework.

If I ruled the world…
I’d try and get people to start taking saving the environment seriously, and actually doing some work towards it.

Why FYI?
I love news and current affairs and I’m also just really excited to be on a TV show!

FYI is a co-production with Sky Kids.

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